Look Ma! No Hands!
Scientia is my vehicle to present my photography to the world.

I am a three times retired NASA scientist who is learning to not be so much of a Type-A ... at least that is my nominal plan. I have a list of things to do to prove that I am not Type-A. (Stop and smell the roses, etc.) I am busy checking off the items, and each day I plan to check off more items. ;=)

My passion is to capture the beauty of nature, with a special emphasis on the Moon in the landscape. I like the beauty of it as well as the technical challenge presented by the Moon, which is, after all, bathed in full sunlight while the landscape is illuminated only by the twilight sky or city lights. I make some use of HDR techniques, but the photographic image matches what the observer could see.

The "Hawaiian Landscapes" and "Other Creative Works" collections have images selected for their quality. The other collections are trying to tell stories, and sometimes not so great pictures are needed to fill out the story. There are some pretty dramatic pictures in there, especially in the "World Travel" collection, & all are welcome to view them.

All images are copyrighted, and may be purchased either on-line or by contacting me directly. Many images within the "Personal Galleries" are freely available, especially those that I compiled from my high school & college days.

I can be contacted at: DrBob@ScientiaPhoto.com

R E Murphy

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